The Millennium Group includes Hosts International, the most highly-regarded accommodation provider in London. Hosts International was established in 1988 with the objective of providing quality home stay accommodation to overseas students. Its main aim is to ensure that every student is placed in a good family environment, which the college strongly believes will lead to a faster improvement in the usage of the English language, a happier stay in England and an easy way to integrate, form lasting friendships and experience British life.

Hosts International demands a high standard of accommodation and selects only the best available. All our host families are inspected to English, UK and British Council Guidelines. Hosts International is 100% dedicated to providing clean, comfortable, home stay accommodation, with carefully selected families in good, safe, residential areas all over London and elsewhere in the UK.

Hosts International has a major transport division which can collect students, individuals, groups or business delegates from major airports and take them directly to their accommodation. The company also offers a 3* quality hotel in central London for business delegates and students alike. For further information, visit the Hosts International web site at: