Trinity GESE

italians2-300x219Trinity’s Graded Examinations in Spoken English is a series of 12 progressively-graded examinations  designed for speakers of languages other than English. The exams provide a reliable and valid scheme of assessment through which learners and teachers can measure progress and development, whether for educational and vocational purposes or as a leisure activity.

The exams set realistic objectives in listening to and speaking with English speakers. The 12 grades provide a continuous measure of linguistic competence and take the learner from absolute beginner (Grade 1) to full mastery (Grade 12)

A major benefit of a graded examination system is that it provides a motivational tool with which to encourage learners to develop and progress by acknowledging small steps. All learners make progress at different rates, and a graded system ensures that at every stage of their development there is an opportunity for them to mark that progress.

There is a Graded Examination in Spoken English appropriate to all learners, whatever their level of ability in communicating in English.

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